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Public Hearing Material
Meetings held for express lanes on I-295 from J. Turner Butler Blvd to State Road 9B

October 21, 2014 Public Hearing:
​Final 295 Express East Presentation w audio
Final ROLL ALT 3-4​
Final ROLL ALT 1-4​
Final ROLL ALT 3-2​
​Final ROLL ALT 1-2
​Final ROLL ALT 1-3
Final ROLL ALT 3-3​
Final ROLL ALT 3-5​
Final ROLL ALT 1-5​
Final ROLL ALT 1-1​
​Final ROLL ALT 3-1
​FINAL SPANISH express lane ph handout SR 9B to JTB pdf
​Express lane ph handout SR 9B to JTB
​FINAL express lanes hearing notice
​Project Location (Generic)
Final Project Boards​
​I295 fr SR 9B to JTB PH ad

January 21, 2014 Public Meeting:
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 1-2​
​36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 2-2
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 2-1​
​36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 1-1
​36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 2-5
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 1-5​
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 1-4​
​36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 1-3
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 2-3​
36x72 ROLL PLOT ALT 2-4​
Express Lanes SR9B to JTB Presentation​
I 295 fr SR 9B to JTB Public Meeting Handout Spanish​
I 295 fr SR 9B split to JTB Public Meeting Handout​
FINAL I295 from SR 9B Split to JTB Public Meeting Notice​

FDOT Presentation of Express Lanes — July 2012

Project Documents
Draft Preliminary Engineering Report for J. Turner Butler Boulevard to SR 9B (as of October 8, 2014)​

FDOT Informational Brochures
Traffic Noise Program
Public Involvement — Get Involved
Project Development & Environmental Study
Efficient Transportation Decision Making