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What are express lanes?
Express lanes can best be described as an "expressway-within-an-expressway". FDOT is constructing additional lanes along I-295 at various locations and is proposing additional lanes be constructed along I-95 at various locations be constructed along the inside median of the interstate. These new lanes will be tolled using variable pricing based on congestion. Motorists will have plenty of time to decide whether to pay the toll or use the general use lanes.
Who will own the express lanes and maintain them?
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will own and operate all aspects of the express lanes.
You can purchase a SunPass by going online to If you would prefer to purchase one from a local retailer, go to Publix, CVS Pharmacy or AAA Auto Club South. There are options for purchasing a SunPass without having to use a credit card.
How will the lanes be enforced?
Law enforcement will enforce the lanes with the help of technology.

If you don’t have a SunPass, roadside equipment will capture an image of your license plate and an invoice will be mailed requesting payment for the tolls including a fine or penalty.
Is there a statute that allows FDOT to build toll roads?
Yes. Statute 338.151 states,

"338.151 Authority of the department to establish tolls on the State Highway System.—Notwithstanding s. 338.165(8), the department may establish tolls on new limited access facilities on the State Highway System, lanes added to existing limited access facilities on the State Highway System, new major bridges on the State Highway System over waterways, and replacements for existing major bridges on the State Highway System over waterways to pay, fully or partially, for the cost of such projects. Except for high-occupancy vehicle lanes, express lanes, the turnpike system, and as otherwise authorized by law, the department may not establish tolls on lanes of limited access facilities that exist on July 1, 2012, unless tolls were in effect for the lanes prior to that date. The authority provided in this section is in addition to the authority provided under the Florida Turnpike Enterprise Law and s. 338.166. History.—s. 22, ch. 2012-128; s. 41, ch. 2012-174."
How are the express lanes going to cross San Jose and Old St Augustine Road? Will those overpasses be widened?
San Jose Boulevard and St. Augustine Road bridges will be widened to the inside to accommodate the express lanes. The express lanes will end approximately 1.5 miles prior to the flyover ramp to I-95 northbound. When exiting the express lanes, drivers will have to negotiate two travel lanes to reach the flyover.